• Scott Parsons

    UX writing & content design

  • I empower and enlighten users by writing clear, concise, and localizable UI text.


    Hi there, I'm Scott

    I'm a content designer in the San Francisco Bay Area. I use design thinking to create superior user experiences.


    My passion for writing started at an early age when I transcribed the movie Airplane! on a children's typewriter. I learned scripted comedy, Jive, and that Disco really does live forever.


    My career in IT started as a front-line support engineer. I quickly earned a reputation as an empathetic person who could simplify complexity. A technical writing manager took notice and asked me to join her team.


    Eventually, I started writing UI copy for a medical device touch-screen and found I had a real knack for it. Then I went into information architecture and content strategy. When combined, they make one powerful skillset. But the world wasn't ready for content design, yet. In the meantime, I took every opportunity to learn and grow into what I knew would be a game-changer. One day, opportunity knocked, and I haven't looked back.

  • Projects

    A few examples of my work.

    Radio button makeover

    Customers got confused with choices in this control. I collaborated with the team to figure out what the choices actually meant, changed the labels to short phrases, then reoriented them vertically to reveal a localizable default (right-to-left languages).

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