• Scott Parsons

    Technical communicator

    Knowledge manager

  • An unconventional communicator for unconventional times

    Creative technical communicator with a solid history of innovation and success. Able to communicate complex information with elegance and simplicity. As a skilled organizer who is attentive to detail, I can direct multiple tasks effectively and quickly master products and tools.


    Give your business a creative edge


    My communication philosophy

    As a new member of your team, I will use critical thinking to innovate, combine it with a razor-sharp focus on the audience, then quickly deliver high-quality documentation or videos. Simplicity reigns supreme; it needs to be easy to find when it is needed. We've reached the information age... and now we are drowning. I'll use my organizing and editing skills to bring some calm to the chaos.


    Your all-in-one solution with the experience to deliver the best

  • Process

    An overview of my writing process, "The Four Rs"



    Learn about a subject/product/feature and audience needs. Try it out. Interview subject matter experts. Get clarity; prioritize needs.



    Break down information into manageable parts. Translate subject matter using minimalist techniques to align with audience needs.



    Document learnings for audience.



    Refine written material based on reviews, usability testing, and any other sources of information. Edit writing to connect with the audience and meet project deadlines.

  • Experience

    Some of the world's leading companies have trusted me as their go-to problem solver.

  • Blogging & content development


    ScottWrites4You - My technical communicators blog



    Suburban Lifestyles - Historic subdivision marketing

    BIGMallrat - Retail history

    Veterans Job Resources - Career services

  • Samples of my work

    NDAs prevent me from sharing much, however, I have a few retired product samples with company and product names removed.

  • What people say

    Relationships matter - find out what people have to say about Scott:

    Caroline Butterworth

    Curriculum Developer, Philips Healthcare

    I have found Scott to be a dedicated and talented technical writer with a commitment to producing the highest quality documentation for his end users. He has a strong work ethic, strong communication skills, and continually looks for ways to improve existing processes, all with an eye towards producing the best documentation for his users. I found Scott to be an excellent resource during my time with Philips. In addition, Scott is a true pleasure to work with, with a great sense of humor. I strongly recommend Scott for your technical writing needs.

    Mark Weinmann

    Project Manager at Chevron Corp.

    "He did a great job bringing his years of technical writing expertise to bear and taught us many things along the way to producing a great product. I highly recommend Scott for your technical writing needs!"

    Cheada Lao

    Product Manager at Agilent Technologies

    "Scott has pristine communication skills... He is also a strategic thinker and learner, always planning ahead and spear-heading through obstacles. He is also very enjoyable to work with!"

    Glenn Higginbotham

    Software Development Manager at Agilent Technologies

    "Scott is a talented and hard-working... He has a strong work ethic and is well-liked and respected by his peers. I have enjoyed working with him."

  • Passions

    Outside of technical writing, I enjoy:


    Researching our roots

    As a ninth generation Californian, I love uncovering the past.

    Personal training

    Brain by day, brawn by night

    Specializing in basic strength training, I help others achieve goals, build confidence, and offset brain-centric careers.


    Hope you like to eat!

    Part science, part art, you'll often find me in the kitchen - and that's a good thing.

    French sourdough is my specialty!


    Suburban lifestyles

    Idealism and hope in 1960s and 70s East Bay suburbia.

  • Contact

    Hire Scott Parsons for your next job. Contact me using the information below.

    Castro Valley, CA 94546